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Beginner's Guide

Maximizing the benefits of credit card rewards begins with understanding the basics. FreePassengers brings you the most comprehensive beginners guide you'll find anywhere on the web. You will quickly become an expert in the field with this all-in-one guide. Explore The Guide

Travel Rewards Best Practices

Stick to a few key best practices to maximize your success in the world of travel rewards and you'll soon be off on your first trip. See Them Now

Credit Score 101

Financial responsibility is essential to succeed in the world of travel rewards, and it begins with knowing what credit scores are and how they work. Learn About Credit

How To Plan A Rewards Strategy

Having a strategy for how to accumulate the necessary points to make your trip come true simply requires a little preparation. We’ll show you how to plan your strategy from start to finish. Start Planning

Travel Rewards, Explained

Understand the various types of travel points and the different methods to accrue them. Learn More

Part of our Beginner's Guide Series.

Types Of Rewards Credit Cards

Rewards come in many shapes and sizes. By learning the types of rewards cards, you'll know what cards will best meet your goals. See The Types

Part of our Beginner's Guide Series.

Getting Started

It’s time to apply for your first card! Start with these steps and you’ll soon be piling up enough travel points to book your dream trip. Start Now

Part of our Beginner's Guide Series.