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Welcome to our digital home, we're honored to have you as our guest. First things first, you're probably wondering what we're up to at FreePassengers.com. Allow us to tell you a bit about our story...

Traveling is hands down our favorite thing to do. We've been to dozens of countries around the world and paid next to nothing to get there, stayed for practically free at luxury hotels we could never afford, and are eagerly counting down the days til our next trip to a far away land.

We've done this all thanks to credit card rewards. They've changed our lives and they can change yours too, so we created FreePassengers to show you how. Our mission is to open your eyes to the world of credit card points, airline miles, and travel rewards.

Travel is the greatest gift you can give yourself. We live in a magical world where you could devote your entire life to travel and never stop discovering amazing places.  Everyone should travel, as much as they can, to the places they always fantasized of visiting. The rewards will be everlasting.

The journey starts with our amazing beginner’s guide, followed by a walkthrough of how to plan a rewards strategy for your trip and a showcase of travel inspiration and trips you can plan yourself. In no time you’ll be packing your bags and headed on your first of many trips.

Oh, and don’t forget your passport!

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